Power button light blinking amber

Came home to find my comp shut down and the power button light blinking amber. Its a Dell 8400. Followed the troubleshooting guide and after unplugging everything from the motherboard, it still blinks amber. PSU is dead I suspect. Ideas?
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  1. sounds like its in standby mode. If it still wont power on, disconnect mains AC power from the supply. wait around 30 mins, then reconnect ac power and try again.
  2. Blinking green light is standby mode. Amber means there is not enough power to turn on or a hardware component has a problem but even with everything unplugged from the motherboard, drives, cards, memory, etc, light still blinks amber and wont turn on.
  3. yep. had the same problem with a dell dimension 4600. replaced the psu and all is well
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