Did i do something wrong?


i built my first build today. when i turn the power on, the screen comes on, the cpu fans spin, etc.

i inserted the windows install disk, and the setup begins to load. however, the setup seems to be loading much slower than usual.

i get the "windows is loading files" screen for about...i'd say 3 minutes before anything shows up.

could i have built my hardware wrong somehow that it's causing it to slow down? i had some trouble putting on the cpu heat sink, and i forgot to ground myself on the psu at times. could something i have done messed up my computer? how would i know?
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  1. Go into the bios and go to the PC health section. Make sure the voltages are good, and watch the temps for awhile. I wasn't sure if I put my Hyper 212+ on correctly, so I watched the bios temps for ~10min. They stayed good, so I went ahead and went about installing windows. These will be idle temps, so your looking for anything 35c or lower. (unless you have a really hot room.) High 20s would be even better.

    If its loading slow there are a number of possible problems. Could be temp related, or bad settings in the bios. Could also be a dying drive or perhaps bad jumper settings, etc. I'd give more suggestions but I have no idea what your hardware is. You should probably list your hardware specs as well as your relevant bios settings.
  2. so it's most likely a software problem?

    another thing i noticed was that i got some thermal compound on the sides of the socket. i guess i put too much. but i had already installed the cpu, it's just kind of sitting on the side of the plastic.

    could that be bad?
  3. i haven't touched the bios settings at all. i get to the part after "windows is loading" screen, where the blue wallpaper shows up. then it kind of just stays there and nothing comes up.

    my hardware:

    AMD Phenom X4 II 955
    Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4
    MSI R5750
    Corsair TX650W PSU

    edit: some stats from my bios:

    Vcore: 1.328V
    DDR3: 1.5V
    +3.3V: 3.376V
    +12V: 12.239V
    Current system temperature: 42 C
    Current CPU temperature: 30C

    and then a bunch of temperature settings
  4. I ran memtest86+, and the memory seems to be working fine. does anyone have any suggestions as to the steps I should follow to identify the problem?

    The computer is FULLY FUNCTIONAL but just VERY VERY VERY slow. All parts are brand new, so it's not a matter of bad hardware. The windows installer load is slow even without an HDD plugged in, so it's probably not the HDD. Graphics seem fine too, all ports work (if that's somehow an indication of the health of my mobo).
  5. Temps and voltages look ok. You didn't list the 5v, but nothing critical runs off that. (used to power drives.) I would say see if you can get into safe mode ok, but seeing as your trying to load windows thats not really an option.

    You didn't list what your hard drive is, or how its connected. Try a different SATA port. Make sure your using the ones attached to the SB and not an add in chip. If your reusing an old IDE drive make sure its jumpered correctly. Try a different cable if its still slow. There is something called the "ultimate boot disk". Might want to try downloading that and use its drive tools to check your drive. It contains the different drive checkes from Seagate, WD, etc. It can also check the SMART values. I don't remember if it does but see if there are any speed tests in there as well.

    As for to much TIM, it depends on which you have. Some are electrically conductive and that could be bad. These are the ones containing silver. If it gets onto the PCB of the motherboard it could short things out. Others are not electrically conductive and it won't make any difference. (these probably contain Carbon/Diamonds.) While your temps are good, your not supposed to use that much. I'd probably take it apart and try again. Remember that a little goes a long way, and you only want enough to cover the chip/spreader so that its paper thin.
  6. hmmm strange.

    so, i figured what the heck even if it's slow, i'll install windows anyway. so i plugged in my external cd (i didn't get an internal one because i wanted to save cash), took a total of about an hour and a bit to install windows (it usually takes like...30 min max right? at least it did the last few times i installed it on my laptop)

    anyway, then when i boot up, everything seems to be working fine. no lag. just the installer was very very laggy is all...should i still be concerned? i am seeing a little glitch here and there (for example, graphics card lags a bit when logging in)

    here are my cpu-z and core-temp stats, nothing wrong, right? I'm running at 800MHz * 4 = 3.2 GHz. I'm a noob, cpu-z shows you the actual speed your cpu is runnig at, right?

    thanks for your help

    edit: from memory i recall my thermal compound being silicone...something. the reason why i used all of it is because it came in tiny rectangular plastic bag that you just tear open, with no way to store the compound you didn't use. so i just assumed it came with the right amount...but i had some trouble getting the heat sink on (clip was really tight) so i moved it around a bit, and it got on the plastic part of the cpu socket...hopefully not inside it. since the clip is so tight, i'm having a little trouble getting the heat sink off now haha...do you think it'll be okay?
  7. Wait, external optical drive? You wonder why its slow installing windows and your using an external drive? I'm sure it would have been faster if you had an internal drive.

    If its on the chip but not the mobo your probably ok. No, you don't use all of it. Try taking it off when the chip is warm. That will probably help.
  8. but i've always used an external drive to install windows, and this time it was just particularly slow. the install goes a lot faster on my laptop with the same cd and the same drive....

    so, my computer seems to be working, but once in a while the screen just flickers and i get vertical lines now...new problem...sigh haha. i've installed the newest graphics driver...
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