Non-Modular PSU to Modular, Is it possible?

Title says it all, wondering if one can turn a non modular psu into modular by adding molex to molex connections on the wires, basically just making them really short.

That's just a rough idea of what i think you'd have to do...
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  1. what you are suggesting is not possible (different voltages)
  2. jefe323 said:
    what you are suggesting is not possible (different voltages)

    but if all i'm doing is adding connections, why wouldn't that work?

    if there's no way that's possible at all i'll just have to give in and buy something modular, thought i might as well try though
  3. You could do it but it would be a fair amount of work and you are going to need a lot of spare male and female molex connectors to pull it off. seems like it would be a lot easier to just get a modular PSU to begin with rather than taking the effort to attempt to mod it.
  4. I'm with hunter on this one. Cheaper just to buy a modular PSU to start with. Plus if you make a mistake, you can fry something expensive.

    And you can always find a place to tuck or tie unused cables out of the way.
  5. see now i have a 750 watt corsair, no really up to parting with that if i can just solder a couple points....
  6. I wouldn't bother. It would be a tremendous amount of effort, and the chance of frying something is high. Why not just tuck the unused cables out of the way?
  7. narwen, he doesn't need more connectors. He'd like to get rid of some of what he has. That's the whole point of modular.
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