What's the next high-end graphics card from Nvidia?

I mean after the GTX 480? Specs? When can we expect it?....

And another question: When was the GTX 295 released?
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  1. Well, after the 480 comes the 470... which is released... as for after that, the 460 or 465 has been spotted/rumored:
  2. I already know about these models, I was asking about the next "high-end" card(s).
    I read rumors of a possible dual GTX 470s or GTX 480s under the name "GTX 495"?
    Any truth to that? or is it just rumors? or will Nvidia release a more powerful single GPU than the 480?
  3. 465 is a crippled Fermi, 460 is something different.

    GTX495 is expected to be 2x GTX460 I think. The GTX465 doesn't beat the 5850 (with the information we have), so nVid's dual-GPU board might not be so good.
  4. I don't think there is any information on the GTX5xx cards. We just got the GTX4xx cards and they are still working on bringing us the rest of the line up. They are working on the GTX5xx cards for sure, but at the moment most of us are wondering about the rest of the lineup. I don't think I'd be looking for info on the GTX5xx for at least 6mo. A year from now is more likely.
  5. The HD6K will be here in ~4-6 months. GTX470x2 is impossible due to size constraints and power consumption.
  6. Maybe the GTX485 with the all 512 cores unlocked...
    Look at this joke thread:
  7. I don't think the 6k will be here that soon. That would give the 5k series only a year of sales. Don't they cycle every ~18mo? Another rumor says they will be on the 28nm process of TSMC. And yet another says the 6k isn't coming until GF can make it. Either way(s) I don't think you'll see the 6k inside of 6mo.
  8. Actually after rereading, it seems that ATI is going to release in 2011 because of the confusion with GloFo. We should expect a high-end HD5870 (HD5890), and an HD5950.
  9. I say to many rumors, I bet they are all right. :P
  10. Oh woops, I meant to get a strikethrough in the top-paragraph. I DEMAND MORE BBCODE TOM'S!

    I mean that an HD5950 and HD5890 should be out this year.
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