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Before I proceed to the next step I need to verify this is going to work. The motherboard in the system I built is SATA III and USB 3.0 compliant and the front of the case has a USB 3 port. The HD in it is a SSD. Yesterday I purchased a SATA III with a USB 3 port external enclosure from newegg for $16. The next step, and the one I need conformation about before I proceed, is to purchase a 60gb SSD for the enclosure. Already I've seen 60gb SATA IIIs for under $50. I would image my system weekly, keeping two compressed images on the external SSD. I prefer this over a RAID setup in the system. My concern is, without the TRIM feature available, how long will the SSD last, deleting one image/week? For whatever reason external SSDs are really expensive and even at newegg they only carry two. If this won't work the enclosure still may be needed for my systems SSD someday, plus it was only a $16 investment. Thank you!
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  1. Should work fine, would not be concerned about Number of write cycles. If you wrote 50 gigs once a week that would traslate to an averabe of only 10 Gigs per day.
    Note 60 Gig SSD is only about 50 gigs usable.

    Wear leveling and Garbage control should still work fine, but NO trim.

    An alternative would be a 64 gig thumb drive (which I have used in the past). Cost wise very close to SSD + Enclosure, around 60 -> 70 Buckc, However lower if catch on sale.

    IE. ($65)
    Team X101 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (Blue) Model TG064GX101LX
    Model TG064GX101LX 64GB
    USB Specification: USB 3.0
    Read Speed: up to 120 MB/s
    Write Speed: up to 70 MB/s
    Probably not the Best, But should be fine - have the 32 Gig "gold" team Thumbdrive.

    Also See:

    General Comment on Speed. Generally not a biggy when only doing this once/wk. But do remember your speed will be limited by USB 3 (and You will NOT hit advertized USB 3 speed). So Even a "GOOD" 64 gig USB 2 thumbdrive would be exceptable - just slower.
  2. Thank you for the information! I back up a laptop with a 32gb thumb drive. I realize I'm being obsessive but it'll be fun trying it.
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