Compaq presario 2700 pentium 3 xp

hey i bouught the compaq presario 2700 off ebay,,, powers up has ram and everything but had no hdd,, ive put a few in it ..and tryd to put os system on it,, but it never does anything,,cd drive could be bad but ,,sounds fine,,,ive tryd everything,,any ideas,,thanks,,laptop
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  1. Do you get any video display? There are two common curable failures for this laptop.

    The first failure is when the CPU mounts come loose from the motherboard, which causes overheating and cutting off. There is an ebay kit (search on 302005-001) that includes the parts to fix this problem along with good instructions on how to do it yourself; the listing also includes a simple test to check if your laptop has the problem in the first place (most do).

    The second failure happens if the laptop was dropped with a wireless card in place, jamming the wireless card into the laptop, the force of which can disconnect the PCMCIA board from the motherboard and break one edge of the connector on the underside of the PCMCIA board, causing its connection to be misaligned. To test for this problem, you have to take off the LED cover, the keyboard, the heatsink module, the display, and finally the plastic top cover. The PCMCIA board is located on the left side. The evidence of damage includes bent metal brackets and (on its underside) one end of the plastic connector being broken out. Although this may sound serious, it is easy to fix by replacing the PCMCIA board (they go for under $20 on eBay).
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