New Comp Build QUESTION on what motherboard to use

Ok first things first, I am a ROOKIE, and this is my first build. (any and all suggestions are helpful)

I bought this MOBO: Intell DP55KG Extreme Series Desktop Motherboard (P55 ATX Core i7 Core i5 LGS 1156) For about $160

I also bought the GeForce GTX470 for my graphics card, i7 Intell processor, 6 GB 1600 DDR3 RAM, and a higher end sound card from Creative.

Question,,, did I low ball my MOBO to much? And will that MOBO support the moderate gaming and music that I want my computer to make happen?

What are you suggestions for an Intell built computer MOBO? I heard that the P55 Series somewhere on this website is not the latest and greatest and I think I could spend up to $250 on a MOBO.

Thanks for all of your opinions. I will be playing WOW mainly, and just want a really nice fast system.

PS do you think 750W PSU is good enough for this build? Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Internal Sound Card with THX SB1270 <<< Which speakers would you recommend for this?
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  1. All the boards perform very similar with the same chipset. I use biostar and msi for the bios options. Download the board manual next time before ordering. All you really need to know is the overclocking and voltage options. For the power supply, stick with a name brand such as corsair or antec, and 750w should be enough for one video card.
  2. Which i7 did you get? They come in 3 different sockets. Soon to be 4.

    Are you sure you bought the right mobo?
  3. Yeah since Iam new to this I ended up getting the wrong mobo with 1156 socket instead of the 1366 for my i7 950. That was a costly mistake at least I can return it. Here is the new one I decided on

    I think I will also not get the sound card because Intell states on their website that the stock sound is worthy or not buying an aftermarket one and since I wont be using anything elaborate to play my music Iam sure the stock one will work.
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