First time building and unsure

Well I have been planning to get a new computer for some time now but until now I haven't really had the money. The problem is that I don't really know what to get and since i am in Australia, the prices are much higher and the range is much smaller.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next two weeks

BUDGET: AU$1000 (can get a couple hundred more if needed but would rather it stay around 1000)

SYSTEM USAGE: Photoshop, Games, Video Editing (have a laptop for office and all that)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Only things I have are a mouse (ms x5) and a mouse pad by Razer

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Only good site in my area is Umart -

PARTS PREFERENCES: Don't have any real preferences but have a rough idea of some stuff that I have been looking at, will list below


MONITOR RESOLUTION: For my budget I am probably looking at a 20" screen which sort of blows.

Here is a list of products I have been looking at:

AMD Phenom II AM3 955 Black Edition (3.2Ghz) 64-Bit Quad-Core CPU

Sapphire HD5670 512M GDDR5 HDMI DVI

Logitech X-230 2.1 Speakers System


LG W2053TQ-PF 20inch wide 2ms Tilt

Seagate SATAII 500GB 16m Cache(ST3500418AS )

LiteON IHAS324 SATA DVD-RW 24X Black Retail

Coolermaster RC-690-KKN1 690 Case with Black mesh design

Vantec ION2 460W Ultra Quite

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM

Not sure about keyboard, would like to get an x6 to match my mouse.

Don't what I am looking at when picking ram, not sure on 2gb to save money or not.

So those are the products I have been looking at. I am pretty sure they will blow my budget out the window.


Is that mother board really needed or will something cheaper suffice?

Do i need a cooler?

I thought I had some more questions but if you guys can post some advice then that'd be great.

If you are feeling generous, you can come up with something yourself by using this link:

Thanks fellas.

Will edit this post if needed.
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  1. Wow thanks for that, I can't believe I didn't spot that case. Looks a really good case and for a good price.

    But I am wondering whether too improve the motherboard and go back to a 5670.

    Also wondering if i should go the Vantec ION2 520W Ultra Quite since it's a fair bit cheaper and a good unit.

    Thanks for the reply though, really opened up my eyes.
  2. 1. The HD 5670 is nowhere near a gaming class card vs HD 5770
    2. At your budget concentrate getting as much frames your $$ could buy you not about mobos unless its trashy hehe
    3. That ION line is not 80+ certified so even though u seem to fork out more for an 80+ PSU in the long term it pays for itself via power bill savings ^^
    You are welcomed
  3. Hmmm interesting, I dont pay for the bill though. Haha, that's bad i know.

    I just really want to keep this to $1200 and lower.

    Also I need a keyboard and am keen on a headset.

    When it comes to the 5670 vs 5770 I am not sure but honestly I am not much of a gamer. I do enjoy them but sacrificing a few details on current games is something I am willing to do. Still open to the 5770 though.
  4. This would be my ideal build but its a bit high. I would really like to get that headset. I think I could squeeze this into my budget.

    How is it as a build? Is there anything major I could do to decrease price?
  5. While getting a 790X chipset for crossfire sounds good if that is your intention, your budget, native resolution of LCD and quality of PSU blows it IMO
  6. *** forgot to change that mobo, umm which mobo do you reccomend to go with the rest of my build? Don't worry about budget.
  7. If you want to buy crossfire capable motherboard you'd have to upgrade the PSU 1st to make it a worthwhile config
  8. I don't want to crossfire, is the psu really that bad?
  9. If u do not want to crossfire i would say the $86 paid for going to the Asus 770 to Gigabyte 790X is a complete waste and if u willing to up your budget i would have tried to hit a nice 22" as a bigger display is often under estimated w.r.t the joy of using one's rig :P
  10. i see, i just thought because I have a high-endish cpu that I should get a more expensive mobo (didn't realise it was crossfire)

    Would I need a cooler?

    And I'll see if I can afford a better display.

    Thanks for all the replies mate.
  11. 1. If you are a stock user or not planning to OC a.s.a.p the boxed retail processor comes with a stock HSF which would be fine

    2. You are welcomed and happy building/shopping ^^
  12. Haha, thanks but I'm not finished. :D

    Just want to finalise things. Would you reccomend that OCZ psu over the vantec one even though I am not overclocking, dont pay power bill and not crossfiring?
  13. I agree with batucha, go for HD 5770...
    Don't need you cooler if you don't play much. But i still recommend one cheap, will decrease temp on you'r CPU.

    Go for this one or maybe better one:
    here is 29.99$ in my country this cooler is only 16$, strange NewEggs raising price....

    I have i5 750 and with CM Hyper TX3 my temps is now much better.
    here dude comparation,
    With stock cooler (ambient 18c):
    IDLE: 39c
    With CM Hyper TX3:
    IDLE: 32c
    LOAD: 53c im soo surprised with this cooler, but Hyper 212+ is much better if you want coolder CPU.
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