XFX 5830 or XFX 5770

I have a HPE-110F and want to make it gaming capable. I need a graphics card and a Psu that can handle MMorpg and FPS games ie. BBC2 CODMW2 etc.
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  1. here are the system specs of everyone else.

    # AMD Phenom II 925 Quad-Core Processor (2.8 GHz, 2MB L2 + 3MB Shared L3 Cache, 3600 MHz System Bus)
    # 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM memory (4x2048MB for ultimate performance) (expandable to 16GB)
    # 1 Terabyte (TB) Serial ATA hard drive, SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology
    # Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    # ATI Radeon HD 4350 graphics card with 512MB dedicated graphics memory, DVI, HDMI and VGA capabilities

    What is your resolution that you game at?
  2. The HD5830 is about 50% more expensive and about 15-20% more powerful than the HD5770. It's simply not worth it imo.
    If you want something better than the HD5770 then spend enough to get an HD5850. It can OC a huge amount and is the best card for the money on the high end right now.
  3. I currenly game with a HP 2159m 1980x1080. I have 350 dollars alloted to buy a Power supply and a graphics card plus shipping since I serve overseas.
  4. What is your monitor resolution?
    Agree with jyjjy, HD5830 is not worth, save a little bit and go for HD5850... :)
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    If you have a motherboard that can crossfire(2 slots, second slot at least x8) getting an HD5770 now and a good power supply with the intention of adding another in crossfire later is a good plan. Crossfired HD5770s would give you performance similar to an HD5870.
    If your board isn't crossfire then I would recommend waiting a bit until you can spend slightly more. An HD5850 + a decent PSU to run it is going to cost you $350-70 or so which is just over your budget(not factoring in the shipping overseas.)
    Also often sites like newegg will have combo deals for a card + PSU. I just checked and unfortunately there's none at the moment for the HD5850 but that could change shortly and put it within your budget.
  6. Newegg has been running specials on the 5830, probably not selling well.
    Today you can get a Saphire 5830 , 219.00-15.00 dollar rebate 205.00 also
    they are offering a free 16gb flash drive (33.00) with it.
    The card is worth 200 dollars, its a 100 dollars more for the next speed bump ,5850.
  7. video card selection had NOTHING to do with resolution

    buy the best card you can afford thats in your budget! and refer to benchmarks and reviews
  8. If you have the funds , go for HD5830 :P
  9. apache_lives said:
    video card selection had NOTHING to do with resolution

    If you think that you don't understand how cards work at all. More pixels = more processing power necessary = better card is necessary for reasonable settings.
  10. OK so save for another get the 5850, as far as the PSU im leaning towards an XFX edition or Corsair sinc ethhose are easly avail. out here in japan? 750 watts should suffice or is that overkill
  11. 5770 would be great if the 5850 seems steep as far as cost. Rule out 5830 please. The 5*** series in general will be a futureproofing measure, as dx12 is supported by these cards. However, since there is quite a price span between the 5770 and 5850, perhaps consider a 4890 a median between those two. It still supports anything the Nvidia's do at this point. One thing to add. If you have small space to work with inside your computer (as far as adequate air flow) consider strongly the xfx for your brand. It directs the air out the rear of your computer rather than just pushing it away...somewhere inside the computer.

    Oh, and all of these have resolution settings up to 2560x1600. Because they have to do with resolution....
  12. May be overkill....unless you want to crossfire those beasts at some point. A 550 should suffice.
  13. FMFDOC84 said:
    OK so save for another get the 5850, as far as the PSU im leaning towards an XFX edition or Corsair sinc ethhose are easly avail. out here in japan? 750 watts should suffice or is that overkill

    Well, it depends. The recommended PSU wattage for the 5850 is 500w. I don't know if you want to crossfire, but if not 750w is a little overkill.

    I always go to He recommends a psu wattage in his reviews.

    here's the review for the 5850 crossfireX:

    And most people here will recommend you go with the Corsair.
  14. Yeah, 750 is more than you need. The card is very power efficient and a 500w of a good brand should be fine. No idea what is available in japan or pricing there in general really. If you have family in the states it may be cheaper to have them buy here and ship the card/psu to you.
  15. I read in these forums that Newegg delivered to overseas USA military bases, the poster was in Europe ? Maybe the govt helps with the costs, much like they do for long distance ?
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