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Currently my old Dell e510 has an agp slot that powers two monitors and and an addon pci video card for the the third. Occasionally it freezes and I believe it's the underpowered stock power supply. Would rather get a new machine since the power supply is proprietary.

Looking to buy a new pc that supports three monitors like my current setup for under $800. I don't game on the machine but I do use a lot of ram due to multiple tabs open in firefox.

Would love to hear your recommendations for a replacement desktop to power three monitors. I don't really want to build it but I would install a second video card if needed.

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  1. USB3? AMD or Intel? Do you require a future proof purchase, or will you be keeping this system for a short amount of time? What card do you have in you current system? It could be just that your current video cards do not have enough power to power three monitors. A better graphics card could solve your problem. Oh, and what is the wattage of your current PSU? Please also provide the specs of your current system.
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