XFX radeon 5670 problems or?...

hey guys i have a weird problem on my new computer
here are the specs
amd phenom II x4 945
ocz OOCZ3G1333LVV4GK (2x2) 4gb of ram
ECS A785GM-M mother board
xfx radeon 5670 1gb video card
antec sonata III with 500W PSU

my problem is that sometimes when i restart my computer or shut it down and try to start it up it detects NO VIDEO
i have to shut it down and try to restart it again and eventually it works
when i take out my video card, everything is fine and i can restart and power on/off normally

also if i use my radeon 5670, sometimes it display NO VIDEO DETECTED...i can still talk on like ventrilo with a blank screen LOL for about 10 seconds and itll crash eventually

can anyone tell me what's going on?!
i might go buy a new PSU tomorrow to see if thats the problem...also im gonna get a new video card just in case :(
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  1. I heavily doubt it's the PSU. The HD5670 requires almost no power.

    The card itself might be bad. Have you tried it in any other computers?
  2. no i havent had the chance to unfortunately
    all the computers in my home are ancient or are laptops...
    i will probably go to a friends house and let him use my video card for a few days to see what happens and go buy another card (probably not xfx...dont tell the techs that i opened a ticket with)...perhaps not even ati even though im an amd shareholder :pfff:

    a lesson i learned through this is how bad on-board video is lol! im trying to play starcraft and its like crayola graphics...it really needs shaders processing
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