ECS 945GCT M2 and Windows 7

hey guys, just a few quick questions.

a friend of mine asked me to resurrect his old rig, which has the ff. specs:

Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2040 Allendale 1.60GHz

ECS 945GCT M2 V1.0

Kingston ValueRAM DDR2 667 in Dual-Channel*

Inno3D GeForce 9500GT 512MB*

Seagate 80GB SATA

Antec VP450 PSU*

* = upgrades

hooked them all up and did a quick POST. successful so far.

anyway, i just wanna know if the mobo i mentioned would support Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit since he's been bugging me to upgrade the OS too.
another friend of mine who works for an IT company said it should because the mobo is certified for Vista anyway. here's the overview of the mobo in the ECS website.

as for the drivers, could i use the Vista 32 drivers for the chipset, audio and such?

much appreciated. :)
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  1. If no win7 drivers usually the Vista drivers work. If he has XP on it then it needs less resources than 7. My personal opinion is no need to go 7 unless you are going with 64bit.
  2. well, his XP install on it is already corrupted beyond recognition. and i don't have a copy of XP handy but i do have Win7 Ultimate lying around. thanks for the advice though. i'll give the Vista drivers a shot.

    i'll report my results later.
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