Low wattage PSU with ati readon hd 5770

Hey guys
I bought a new ati radeon hd 5770 GPU, but my PSU (power supply unit) is only for 300W, though manufacturer recommends 450W for my card.
How can low wattage affect the perfromance?
Is reduced clock speed possible?
thanks to any1 who answers :)
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  1. i have it already for a month, works fine, no problems, doesnt appear to be slower than its supposed to be...
    maybe because my other pc components dont require much?
  2. The power recommendations are always overestimations. What 300W PSU do you have? And what are the rest of the components in your system

    A decent 300W PSU should be able to handle a 5770 and a lower power processor without blowing up but it isnt going to pull that off for 3-5 years, and you definitely dont want to OC on your current unit, but for basic usage it should be fine for a while.
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