DVD-rw changes to a cd-rom when I instert blank media

Im having a similar issue as stated in this thread:


But as a mod locked it, I have decided to post a new one.

It just started happening the other day. I went to sleep as my dvd burner was burning some home movies, woke up to swap the disks out and then it started having an issue.

Every time I insert a blank dvd+r into the drive it changes to a cd-drive and asks what i want to do to the blank cd. I know it is not the media as I have been using the same dvds for a while now. I have inserted dvds that i burned before and it reads them fine, but when I insert blank media it changes.

I use a 3rd party program (Convertx to DVD) I have spent the last week making sure my drives were free of all malware, I have tried 3 different dvd burners, all to no avail. every time I insert a blank dvd my drive turns into a cd-rom and asks me what I want to do with my blank cd.

also using win xp sp3

To sum up;
No virus
No malware
Not the drive itself
happened all of a sudden
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  1. Have you tried to uninstall it in the device manager then reboot.
  2. did you check on plextor there could be a firmware update and on ther forum for people having the same isssue you got also try to get another king of dvd-rw disc
  3. I dont know what plextor is, and I have tried multiple dvd types, but the main one I have worked fine just before, I was in the middle of the spindle when this happened. I also tried other dvd's from the same spindle incase one was just setup wrong.

    I decided to get a larger hdd that was a sata setup, so I could return the dvd writer inside the case hooked up through the IDE drive, but now I'm having issues with the hard drive too, which I posted about in the HDD section
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Have you tried to uninstall it in the device manager then reboot.

    and yes, I had tried uninstalling then re installing, but after you suggested throwing a reboot in the middle of it I went for it, to no avail. it still did the same thing
  5. then what is the brand of your cd/dvd writer
  6. liteon it corp
  7. model of it and what os do you use a 32 bits or the 64
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