Upgrading 8600 GTS 140$ Max-Kinda Picky

Hey guys since money is going to be tight for me instead of building a new rig i have decided to just upgrade my GPU.

Specs- AMD 5000+ Oc to 3.0 ghz (dual core)
500w-maybe 550 rosewill PSU
21 inch monitor(what is normal for this size?), i like at least 1680x1050 i would be cool to go higher though =)

so ive been thinking a 5750 or 4850 maybe. or nvidia way of a GTS 250. What i really want though is a card that when i do decide to make a new build (prolly in a year) i can be able to just buy another of same card and run in SLI or Crossfire for new build. therefore maximizing my money. if that idea is stupid then i would like to spend only around 100$.

I play mainly warhammer/guild wars/gw2 and other MMO's on PC. but i also plan to play sc2 and shooters such as BFBC2 etc. Just idea of the games i play.

Sorry about wall of text but pre thanks!
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  1. Welcome to the forum.

    Well that PSU should be able to handle a 5770.

    I know it's a favorite brand, but it's at 5750 price. The 512mb won't impact you very much at that resolution. If you don't like it though, I'd go for a 5750.
  2. ha ha lol good point...is the 5770 considerably better and a much better future investment though? as it does seem my thinking the 5000 series was the way to go for bang for buck now and in future.
  3. def. go with either the 5750 or 5770 if you want to crossfire in the future as the 4000 series cards are getting phased out right now (which is prolly why you can find them for cheaper now)
  4. I would say yes. Especially at that price.
  5. If you want to crossfire in the future I would recommend paying slightly more for the 1gb version. 512mb wont be too much of a disadvantage with a single card at 1680x1050 but in crossfire it will definitely limit the cards from achieving their potential.
  6. I've been wondering about the difference between the 512MB and 1GB as well, do you have any charts to show this - I thought having 1GB (512x2) would be plenty, as even the 5870 has just 1GB.
  7. Yeah, 1gb would be fine but when you crossfire it doesn't work that way. The memory on each card isn't added together but rather is redundant. It would be like a 512mb version of the HD5870 basically.
  8. Ohh, that's interesting, unfortunate, and good to know :).
  9. ya thanks alot guys im pretty sure im going to go with this a 5750 1 gb
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