Whats the fastest 4gb ram out now???

hey was up everyone, im looking for hardcore answers so i can decide what to buy, im looking for 12gbs of ram 4 gbs each. so i can run in triple channel. i do not care bout price just want the best out there, i saw a gskill trident with a las of 7 timings were i think 7-8-7 2000. looking for something similar i think or better. please help this is all i need to finish my beast pc cant wait to set it up thanks .


extreme 3 mother board
5970 4gb video card
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  1. Get some 1600 low latency RAM, 7-7-7 to 8-8-8. Look at the memory list of the producer of your motherboard on its site.
  2. im lost where would that be at? thanks
  3. dycegamez said:
    im lost where would that be at? thanks

    Ummh! yeah AsRock !
  4. im still lost lol not sure what im looking at always had a problem with figuring out about ram, i have a asus rampage 3 extreme motherboard
  5. 4GB sticks are triky, some motherboards don't recognize them but you can try with one of those
    Set their voltage in the BIOS to 1.6V.
  6. ya but are they the best? i want the best ones i found gskill ripjaws with a las of 7 and a 7-7-7 21 timing
  7. RAM is not like the CPUS or video cards. There's almost no difference in speed between any DDR3 RAM CAS9 or CAS7, 1333 or more. Get whatever you like.
  8. oh really iam gonna be doing video editing and all that on this pc wont ram matter then?
  9. It's like 1% difference, no big deal. The RAM quantity counts big time, not the RAM speed but 12G is plenty even for a server. The most important thing is to have the system stable so less fancier/lower voltage RAM is better.
  10. For 3X4GB the 'best' for sale are the Dominator CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 the best for 'performance : money' are the Dominator CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 which can be easily OC to 1800 MHz with a CAS drop to 8-8-8. Keep in mind, my answer is on OC'ing the RAM > Spec. Spec the The Kingston HyperX H20 2133MHz are the 'fastest' but no 4GB density.

    However, I have no ideal how well they'll run on an ASRock X58 Extreme3. Meaning, 2000 MHz or higher is a bear to keep stable/error free. The i7 980X IMC craps-out about 2200 MHz, and you're going to need to increase the BCLK ~160 MHz or higher.
    Tested ASRock X58 Extreme http://www2.corsair.com/configurator/product_results.aspx?id=1361988
  11. oh ok im not sure if ima oc. might not have to, plus i never did oc before so im lost on that lol.
    so if i go with a Dominator CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 i should be better then good?
  12. OC'ing is NOT that difficult, and X58 + 980X is IMO dirt simple to do. If $ doesn't matter then the 2000 MHz, otherwise the CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 and OC the RAM to ~1800 MHz.

    Big Q - What's the purpose/use for you build? {Gaming, Rendering, etc}
  13. Oh ok cool, the use would be gaming, video editing , music editing and producing and recording , mostly that stuff.
  14. If you're using Adobe Premiere -> http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere/systemreqs/ their accelerated GPUs are currently limited, and I haven't seen them change for quite some time. If your Apps can utilize 6-core then X58 otherwise, and as an owner of the i7 980X, you're better off with a P67.

    Building Chart:
  15. oh , i dont think ima be buying anything that i havnt already , all i need for this build is the ram and psu. if i kept the x58 would if be bad?or better to get the p67? how much diff would i see?
  16. Keep your X58 it would be crazy to in your case to build a P67 already having an X58 rig.
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