Can i take a hard drive out of a hp laptop and put it into a toshiba laptop

i have a toshiba satilite laptop ic a hp hard drive compatable with it?
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  1. They should be interchangeable. Are they about the same age? I am guessing that they are both 2.5 inch sata.
  2. the drive should work... you may (will) have to reinstall windows.
  3. As long as they use the same interface, yes. Laptop/desktop vendors use hard drives from the same set of vendors (Seagate, Hitachi, WD, etc) which use interchangeable standard connectors. Older drives used the IDE/PATA standard while newer drives use SATA.

    You'll have to re-install windows since the drivers installed on the HP laptop won't match the hardware in a different model from Toshiba.
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