ATI hd 5870 Vapor X and Nvidia GTX 275

I got my Vapoer X 5870 yesterday, and I got some problems. Not with the card but once I moved my Nvidia gtx 275 onto the second Pci-ex slot. Windows is unable to detect its pressens.
Is there no way around this or did I do somthing completely wrong ?

Motherboard : Asus Maximum Formula II
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  1. Maybe I'm not understanding what you are saying, but are you trying to run a Radeon and a Geforce at the same time? You can't run GPUs by two different manufacturers on your (or most other) motherboards.
  2. yes, I want to use both nvida and ati at the same time. The reason for this is that I want physics X with amd, but as long as windows is unable to detect the Nvidia card while the ATI card is in the first pci-ex slot this wont work.
  3. Unfortunately, Nvidia disables PhysX when an ATI card is present.
  4. True, but there is a way around that. :)
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