Phenom 1055T stock cooler performance

I'm thinking of buying the AMD Phenom X6 1055T processor, and I'm trying to get some opinions of the stock heatsink before I buy that processor. From experience, is it really that loud? A moderate amount of noise is fine, but if it's something like a constant buzzing noise, that wouldn't be preferable. Also, how cool will it keep the processor? No overclocking will be done, so assume running at stock speeds.

In addition, should I buy an aftermarket heatsink? I'm thinking of the Coolermaster Hyper 212; is the extra $30 or so really worth it?
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  1. for no oveclocking it's good and enought.i have 1055t too and i over it to 3.4ghz and the temp is under 60c and it's very good.and my memory is @ 1600mhz @8-8-8-24.but if you want go higher your fan speed must be @ 6000rpm to keep your cpu's temp under 60!!!if your point is gaming 3.4ghz is enought.and for multi threaded(like encoding(handbrake),rendering(cinebech)) look @ benchmark and see the difference is noticeable for you or not.
  2. Just get the CPU and run with the stock fan initially.. You can later change to any aftermarket cooler if you encounter dissatisfaction and/or problems..
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