Looking for a manual for: P54VLPCI motherboard

title says it all apparently. I'm looking for a manual for a Supermicro P54VLPCI motherboard. Its one of those rare, weird socket 5 motherboards that has VLB and pci and isnt a 486. The latest bios would be even better! I'd love to be able to pop a 133 or 166 into this!
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  1. Still looking for a MANUAL and the most recent bios.
  2. you could just write to Supermicro
  3. Hap said:
    you could just write to Supermicro

    they don't even know what i'm talking about. Multiple people will say that what I have IS their board but dont have any information on it. Not something I would expect from a top-tier motherboard manufacturer...
  4. I know a server site that might know something, will post if find
  5. 1994

    The Supermicro P54VL-PCI motherboard alone accounted for 25% of the best computer systems as rated by PC Magazine.
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