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So, i'm seeing mixed opinions on these SSD's which i feel are mainly biased on the brand names. So many people recomend the samsung 830 over the majority of SSd's at this price range and i don't understand why?

To me the corsair seems faster:
Read: 550mb Write: 510mb (Corsair)
Read:520mb Write:320mb (Samsung)

So, to me the corsair seems to be faster.

I expect i am wrong because i am a noob xD Can you please explain to me why 1 is faster than the other? Thanks in advance guys/gals =p
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  1. The Corsair uses a controller from Sandforce, the 2200, while Samsung uses their own controller. The Sandforce controllers are infamous for not being able to handle incompressible data at the rated speeds, meaning that if you are moving something like a video or audio file or some encrypted data, you won't get anywhere near the rated 510MB/s that Corsair says you can. You will only get those speeds if moving compressible data, such as text and html files.

    The Samsung drive, on the other hand, does not require the data to be compressible or incompressible, meaning that you will get the rated speeds no matter what you are moving around.

    Also, SSD's write data in blocks of 4KB, so the 4KB random read/write number tends to be a better tell day to day performance than the sequential read/write numbers. In reality, on a day to day basis all SSD's perform relatively similarly to each other, so get the Corsair, since it's cheaper :P.
  2. Samsung 128GB 830 is what i would prefer.
  3. samsung (or intel) over the corsair
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Samsung 128GB 830 is what i would prefer.

    In all honesty, I would too :P.
  5. Samsung has the better track record for reliability over sandforce drives, would be my choice!
  6. you should get marvel based ssd's as they are more wont really notice the performance difference...
    so among corsair and samsung..i recommend samsung as they use the marvel ssd's...
  7. Thanks for the replys everybody. Looks like i will be getting the Samsung then. Is there any common problems or steps that i need to do differently to other SSD's to get this running smoothly? I know with the Corsair i needed a firmware update to prevent regular blue screening.
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