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i have an asus engt220, 1GB and recently i have discover'd a problem.

i turned my computer on yesterday, just like normal and when i tried to play a game (ps2 emulator then rainbow 6 vegas 2) i got an error saying d3d9.dll was not found. so i updated my directx which didnt solve the problem so i extracted d3d9.dll from the directx redist(all from microsoft) and put in in my system 32 folder which sort of worked but i had a watermark ingame for swiftshader? and its really slow.

so in seeing that i thought id go to canyourunit and see what shader version i was using and it was saying i was using pixel shader 2.0 and hardware t & L 2.0. My card has 3.0 shaders which ive seen on that site before so i was a bit surprised.

after seeing that i reinstalled my graphic card drivers buit the problem still persists.

could someone help me please
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  1. ok i reinstalled vegas 2 and its fixed everything. so its all good :)
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