Power supply upgrade -- Can it be done?

About six weeks ago my boyfriend bought an HP computer, model # p6404y. He figured that he would just get a new power supply and graphics card to put into it. My research since that time has indicated that some manufacturers of mainstream computers like this like to make their own power supply 'model' rather then allowing the computer to simply use a normal power supply.

We do not want to order the power supply and graphics card and end up not being able to use them so I am hoping that someone here might have more luck at confirming whether this pc will accept a power supply upgrade or not?

You can see HP's full specifications for the PC here.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. HPs dont use creative power supply setups as far as i am aware. I swapped a PSU in my HP a few years back with no problems, they tend to use super low end ones but nothing custom that differs from ATX spec, you shouldnt have any trouble upgrading it.
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    Hello ladybastilla;

    HP is using standard ATX power supplies these days. No problem swapping them out with any of the standard size 5.9" long PSUs.
    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W is a reasonable choice at a good price. Powerful enough for a GTX 460 or HD 5770. Modular cables make it a little easier to manage the wires.
  3. Here is an older HP 6214 with a OCZ PSU upgrade and a HD 5770 installed. (clicking on the pic will take you to the HP forum post)
  4. Thanks guys, that is really helpful. I can now tell him that it should be no problem and we can move on to sorting out which PSU (that does look like it could be a good fit) and graphics card (a whole other can of worms. :/ )
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