Hey guys,
I have a laptop that has all the decent qualities except for the graphics card, and the graphics card is integrated into the motherboard, so I cannot upgrade it. Therefore, I cannot play games. So I want to buy a really cheap sucky computer with a decent CPU, then upgrade everything else. How can I check if that motherboard is compatible to the graphics card I want?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What motherboard???

    You don't list one and if you are talking about using your laptop's... that isn't an option in a PC, they won't work in that setup, as far as I've ever seen.
  2. Im just saying my laptop sucks, so I want a desktop.
    Here's what I'm looking at:
    and then upgrade everything else other than the CPU
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    Um, why not just build you own PC?

    A celeron processor isn't exactly good you know...

    Fill out form in sticky, link in my sig if you want help with a full build.
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