Had to sand down my ATI 5870 to get it to fit

This is a bit ridiculous. I have an Antec P183 full size tower and I still needed to take a box cutter and sandpaper to shave off a few milimeters from my ATI 5870's red air vents to get it to fit. Of course I suppose I could have left my middle drive bay unit out but I chose the former. Anyone have the same problem. Are there no size standards these days?
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  1. I personally would have bought a new case rather than void my warranty on something so expensive.
  2. It didn't fit in my case either, but I cut the hard drive bay for it to fit, since is best to mod your case instead of 370€ graphic card :^^
  3. My 5-year old case has a foot of clearance. Any $50 case also has enough.
  4. shadow187 said:
    My 5-year old case has a foot of clearance. Any $50 case also has enough.

    Thats helpful.
    50 dolllars or 250 dollars, if there is not 11 inches of clearance it don't fit.
    Its a big card. Its longer than ATI's past dual gpu 4870x2. They probably did in part to fit a bigger cooler. The 5850 is over a inch shorter, but runs at a lower mhz with less SP's.
    5870/5850 11/9.5 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5850,2433-2.html
  5. i have a $30 crappy-branded mid tower and there's an inch to spare with my 5870 in
  6. It depends more on the design of the case, I own a full tower, and yet I had to cut the hard drive bay....(witch is no big deal, it's only a piece of metal)
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