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My front panel for speaker/mic is not working.

actually, i don't know if the one is the right sub-section for my concern. but i'm having a problem on my front audio panel.

my rig it looks like this:

as you can see, it has 2 USB ports and 2 holes(i don't know how these ones are called) for (left)speaker/headset and (right)mic. i was really wondering because the doesn't seem to work at all.

i tried to plug my headset and my guitar on the mic output(did i hit it right?) but it wasn't detected. how can i fix this one? although my audio panels at the back works perfectly. thanks :)
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    This would suggest that they're not connected inside your case, i.e. to your motherboard. If you open your case there should be one cable from the case itself, labled either "HD Audio" or "AC97", or other variations. Anyway you should be able to find where to put this one either in the manual or on the internet.
  2. If the cable is connected and still bo audio output try setting the front panel audio in the bios to "ac97" instead of "High Definition". Does the front panel USB ports work?
  3. yes... the USB works... uhm how do i change my bios to ac97? will it affect the sound quality of both front and back panel(well of course if this one will fix the front)?
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