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Ok so I've had my current computer since '05, was originally an HP Pavillion that I bought for gaming, bought it with the best CPU option (at the time an athlon 64 single core) that I could afford and one gig of DDR ram. Got the cheapest gfx card option and bought an ati 800 sumthin-or-other to give it some power for gaming. Since then I have pretty much gutted the entire thing, the only original parts left in it are the hard drive, the case and the motherboard. Awhile back I upgraded to the fastest thing I could find for the 939 socket, which was an Opteron 185 and bought 2 gigs of ocz platinum ram, with the fastest speed that the motherboard would handle. I bought a new power supply, upgrading the one that was in there from 350 watts to a coolermaster 700 watt psu. I was running an nvidia 8800 gts 320mb in there until jsut recently when i replaced it with a 250 gts, which works ok, but is obviously being bottlenecked by my system. The build with the 8800gts lasted me very nicely until recently, when I bought BFBC2 and could not get it to play well, even on low settings, so I figure its time for an upgrade.

Phew ok that was a mouthful lol. So anyway I am looking to upgrade my system so it will last me awhile for gaming purposes, and some engineering applications I use it for at school. Im looking to get the most bang for my buck here so Im looking for some advice on the components im currently looking at, and seeing if anyone can help me get a guage on the performance boost I can expect from the purchase, and if it is worth the money im going to have to spend.

I am planning to upgrade with a new mobo, cpu and sticks of ram, and keeping the nvidia gts 250 and the 700w power supply. will maybe buy an SSD in the future, but for now im sticking with the old hard drive i have.

Here are the links to what I wanna get:

AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition @ 3.4ghz

Asus M4A78T-E

4gig Kingston HyperX DDR1600

Any comments or advice is greatly appreciated, I havent built a new system for awhile, since DDR3 was released, so I am a bit lost with all the new tech (havent been keeping up with it)


PS Im buying from amazon (newegg is my typical go to) because I have a 100 dollar gift card, so subtract 100 bucks from the total cost and thats what I will actually pay :-)
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  1. 1. 955BE is fine
    2. $130 is pricey for 2 x 2 1600
    3. No CF/SLI : 770/870 chipset?
  2. Woops there was a mistake there, the RAM isnt DDR its DDR3 1600

    and in regard to the mobo, the chipset is an AMD 790GX/SB750
  3. so you would suggest going 6 cores over 4 then?
  4. nvm there i tihnk thats a typo on the amazon product listing
  5. is the difference between the 790gx and 790fx going to be huge when considering the motherboard i choose?

    i realize the gx merely denotes the presence of onboard graphics, but does the fx have a considerable performance increase over the gx?
  6. The X(GX) has less PCIe lanes compared to the fx which is more expensive ($150 or so). The Gigabyte is better than the Asus and you have no problem even if you add a second video card.
  7. ok so I bought the following two items:

    OCZ Special Ops 2x2gig PC12800 DDR3 1600

    AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4ghz Black Edition

    And I currently have a:

    MSI Twin Frozr 1Gig GeForce GTS 250

    Also Im currently running with a rock solid 750 watt coolermaster PSU I bought awhile back, and am on windows 7

    At this point, with the above components taken into consideration, I was wondering if anyone could help me pick out a mobo to bring all these beautiful pieces of electronic wonder together in perfect harmony :-P

    Im having trouble deciding between the 790 and 890 chipsets that are available, taking into consideration that I would like to be able to overclock my cpu at some point in the future, and that I wanna add a nice SSD to the rig at some point as well. Most importantly im looking for longevity in the motherboard itself, I would like to get something that will be able hold up for awhile.
  8. any suggestions?
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