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On this forum i been reading that using ATI in a gamming rig is a good option quite a few times but does anyone still have driver issues with them? saying this from drivers not sticking back when i had a ATI Radeon 4890, and does anyone still support Nvidia for gamming rigs still?
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  1. There will always be bugs with drivers, except that nvidia is generally faster at ironing them out and releasing fixes, but the latest drivers from ATI seem solid for the moment (all it takes is one game with a hiccup to mess that up though). As for gaming rings, well generally I go with the cheapest AND the most powerful option available, be it nvidia or ATI/AMD i don't care. If nvidia comes out with a kickass gpu at affordable price than I go with them, if ATI comes out with than they are my choice. I don't take sides. Currently ATI has the upper hand because the HD5xxx series span every prince range and every performance range (you want monster performance at ridiculous price, ATI has it, you want cheap but fast, ATI has that too)
  2. I go with Nvidia/Intel, they have never failed before, i had an ATI card, worked as a charm too, so, like the post above, it depends!
    Read reviews, get informed, and BALANCE YOUR COMPONENTS!!!! that is the most important thing!
    Dont expecto to get a million fps if you have a 5970 and a celeron procesor!!! LOL!!!
    Try to minimize the bottlenecks of your build =)
  3. Basically, never look at who builds it. Intel,AMD,ATI,Nvidia you can mix them up however you like. As long as it works, it's balanced, it doesn't burn a hole in you wallet, and it gives you the performance you want, it shouldn't matter if it's built by NoName & Co.
  4. Quote:
    And if Nvidia has a bug with its drivers your GPU burns and dies..

    You start to cry xD :pt1cable:
    nawww you can always RMA or use the vendors waranty (EVGA is the best one with Nvidia, lifetime warranty =) :love: )
  5. Quote:
    Not when you forget to register and your 8600GT pops 2 caps after 2 years...

    but, wasn't evga's standart warranty like 3 or 5 years?
  6. Sometimes even nvidia lays an egg. They generally have the better drivers but yes, you can burn a hole in your card too, not just your wallet. :D
  7. Quote:
    You only get 1 year if you don't register, and apparently poped caps are part of "Misusing the product".

    so, kids, always remember to register your VGA!!!!! LOL!!! :lol:
  8. Rustyy117 said:
    haha :lol: 'Gamming'

    lol? :pt1cable:
  9. haha :lol: 'Gamming'
  10. Rustyy117 said:

    Now now, everyone makes a type now and then. :)
  11. Quote:
    :) you typed typo wrong, TYPO!!!

    My point exactly. We're only human and I'm pretty sure xsilentxsaix wont appreciate people making fun of his 'unfortunate' mistake, so lets keep it civil.
  12. Quote:
    Im just kidding... :)
    sorry if it made anyone feel bad. My apologies.

    :cry: damage already done
  13. Back on topic, I had a Nvidia/Intel combo a few months back, than I switched to Nvidia/AMD and now I'm going ATI/AMD. I'm just following the price/performance and not the brand.
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