Asus vs ASRock

The Asus Side:
Asus M4A88T-M or Asus M4A87TD-EVO

The ASRock Side:

BTW i won't be using CF, I will game using a single GTX 460.
The Asus ones seems to have better features like Turbo key but the ASRock one has a newer NB and SB.
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    All other features and price being equal, go with the mobo with the latest chipset.

    Did you know that ASRock is made by ASUS? ASRock has the reputation for being the "value segment" of the ASUS product line, and it is. But that is not to imply that ASRock mobos are cheap POS's like ECS and Jetway. Currently using ASRock mobos in 2 machines that have been up and running for several years without any hardware related issues. Asus certainly puts all the bells and whistles on their line up whereas ASRock equivalent may not have as many value added features. However, ASRock mobos are just as stable and reliable as Asus.
  2. I used a M4A87TD EVO for quite some time (upgraded after I rebuilt my rig) and I really like it.
    As for the ASRock board, I have never used the brand but I have heard good things.
    Pesonally, I would stick with the more common brands (Asus/MSI/GIG) just to be on the safe side.
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