Such a noob question, powering up my system

not a new system, a old build from 2004, motherboard is a k87neo2. i tried to find diagrams where the connectors go, "Power SC, reset SC, hdd led and a + single end and a - single end. I was able to find a diagram, I was even able to plug in the power sc where I thought it was to go.

I would power on the machine, you would hear the fans running, press the power button and nothing but when I hold the power button, the system powers off.
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  1. Holding in the power button to turn it off is a feature to avoid accidental shut downs. That seems to be operating as expected.

    Does your system post? If there is a Case speaker attached to the motherboard, the sytem will beep at you - a single beep indicates a successful post. Antything else gives a hint as to the problem.

    It is kind of hard to pinpoint your problem without more information. Am I assuming correctly the fans are running and there is no video output to tell if your system is operating?

    Here is the definitive guide to troubleshoot build issues: PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems. Following these steps as closely as possible will track down the cause of most issues.
  2. I understand what you are saying about posting, I was very curious too but I lost my internal speaker when doing the upgrade, damaged it, so I started to strip it down to bare essentials, in hopes it would post at some point, I can't even hear the HDD spinning up or anything so I believe it is not hooked up properly.
  3. Get another speaker for your motherboard - they are so cheap. Just about any computer store will carry one, preferably a Micro Center or Frys. Open the steps in the link above and follow the suggestions that user jsc has after step 22. You have a bad component that you need to track down, and it really could be anything at this point.
  4. Hey, eloric. :hello:

    off world, you really, really need the system speaker for troubleshooting.
  5. I connected a good speaker from another system into it, sw power is still plugged in the same pins, only pins that it responds to anyways. you can turn on and off but before this happened, I would be able to turn the power on from the back PSU switch and it would sound like it was on but really it was just all the fans and so on, click the power button once more and then you hear other devices turning on.

    This happens only when i unplug the machine, plug it back in, after the first initial time, it will work fine. Yes the power button must be in the right area since i can turn on and off but it seems to be in that status, not able to kick over. so the speaker has not produced any sounds, I have taken pics but will post at work,

    Ive been questioning myself on the wire config, I believe they are right, I just have the power and speaker right now but the pics will show this.
  6. Did you plug the speaker in. into connector SPEAK or something similar? If its not beeping maybe a mobo problem , take the RAM out and see if it gives a long long long beep if using award bios beeps, it beeps then you know your system is ok. It maybe your power supply thats on its way out.
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