Help requested in selecting a hard drive enclosure(multiple drives)

I have Windows 7 pro, 64 bit.

I own several external hard drives. I am interested in purchasing a single enclosure device that can hold(and operate) all of these drives.

Most of the drives that I am using are Western Digital 3TB with the fast transfer speed(6Gb/Sec). In case you need to see the full specs, here you go

Now, I do NOT want to implement any type of virtualization technology. I am not looking to set up a RAID or anything like that. I want each hard drive to remain its own individual data, separate from the other drives.

Preferably, I would like to find something with.....
- capacity of 8 hard drives
- eSata connection AND USB 3.0
- hot swappable

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


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  1. You want Direct Attached Storage or DAS. They hold a stack of drives with or without RAID and most of the new ones are accessed via USB 3 or E_SATA.
  2. That sounds good. But can you recommend a specific product(or products) for me to look at?

    What about this device? Would this work? Should I give it a try? Does anybody have any experience with this brand(Mediasonic)?


  3. Anybody?

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