Making a new Pc (gamin)

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ASAP possibly in this week and spending like 2k$ for it


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse n headphones n monitor

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: i dont know but one that is able of shipping in Albania too COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Albania

PARTS PREFERENCES: i want to make a 8 gb ram and 2 gb ghraphic card. i really want good things though like best processor and mobo. (though im a real dumb i dun know nothin)

OVERCLOCKING: well if i knew what that was ... SLI OR CROSSFIRE: the best one

MONITOR RESOLUTION: i will buy monitor at my state

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: i wud like it to be quiet and not warm. also not to lagg with it (think w. 8gb it wont)

Thank you, Noel.
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  1. Um, you're gonna have to do some research and tell us places that you can buy parts from, so we have an idea of price. Also, is that budget $2k US? 2k albanian?

    A $2k US build, with potential to quadfire using 5970's.

    i7-930 $280
    Ga-x58-UD3 $210
    G SKill Pi 6gb 1600 Cas 7 kit $180
    Optical $20
    HD 5970 $700
    HAF 922 case $90
    Corsair 850TX PSU $130
    1TB Spinpoint F3 $70
    Cm Hyper 212 Plus $30
    24" 1920x1080 monitor $180
    Win 7 Oem 64 bit $99
  2. overclocking is making things go faster than they are specified to go. Like taking the speed limiter(or whatever it is called) of a car or scooter.

    I tend to reccomend 470gtx sli over a 5970 due to the far better performance and 3d surround cababilty. They are hotter though but that's isn't really a problem since it doesn't look like you will be OCing and nvidia cards can handle pretty high temps.

    Also you can get an ssd if you remove the monitor bantracis mentioned since I stated you don't need one.

    I assume you need a keyboard: the logitech g15, razer lycosa and sidewinder x6 are all pretty good choices.

    for the rest bantracis mentioned a pretty good build.
  3. is there a 8 gb ram or just 6 gb?...
  4. with i7 9xx series 8gb is not an option it is either 6gb or 12
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