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So until a few days ago I was using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. Because I didnt format my computer since I bought it (almost 2 years ago) I've decided to do so now and install Windows 7 along the way. Ever since I did so I had nothing but problems. At first, my PCI sound card was incompatible. I saw many other people are experiencing this issue and as there was no solution, I bought a new USB based sound card. Now, when I started playing actual games, I noticed the next issue which is why I started this thread.

I noticed an overheat when my game crashed. I downloaded EVGA Precision and put my fans on 70% (2600 RPM). I looked at my GPU temperature, it was 60C on desktop when not running anything. That's 10C more than I had with Vista. I tested the crash on two games (Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Dead Space). The conclusion was that my GPU reaches 80-81C and crashes. It would crash at that temperature with Vista as well, but in Vista it was 70-74C when playing games so there was no problem. This is +10C I can't get rid of. When I put my fans on 100% it does reduce desktop temperature to 54, but games still reach 80C eventually and crash. Besides, I would never keep my fans on 100% as the sound it makes is unbearable. I also don't want them to break or catch a lot of dust too fast. They worked fine with Vista so they shouldn't be a problem. My drivers are updated, Aero is off, file sharing is off, I duested everything....

What the hell? Windows 7 should fix problems like that, not cuase them. I already spent 30$ on a new sound card and I really don't feel like rolling back to Vista.

My system:

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad (Q9300)
Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS (512MB)

Please help me :( and thanks.

P.S. Should this be in the Windows 7 Forum?
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  1. Perhaps the new drivers may have OC-ed the video card for whatever reason. Check to see if the mhz are still at default. If they are, try underclocking or reverting back to older drivers. And what else did you change in your PC other the Windows?
  2. First of all. Thank you for the response.

    I tried to install older drivers. Didn't work. I'm using GPU-Z to check on the card and according to what I see the default clock is almost the same (few digits difference). So I don't think this is the problem.

    I didn't change anything in my PC except for the PCI sound card I mentioned. I replaced it with the older one. Everything I installed so far were things that existed before I formatted the computer. Windows 7 (or it's features) is the only cause I can think of.

    EDIT: Okay, I just recalled that I did change another thing. I basically have 1 hard disk of 500 GB. Before I formatted the computer I had it seperated into 3 (C, D, E). Now I deleted the virtual ones and I only have C. Still, it's the same hard disk. I don't think it could cause anything.

    Any more suggestions? I didn't even wish to ever upgrade this PC and now I end up paying money just to satify this Evil OS's endless hunger >.<
  3. (sorry, the edit function is not working for some reason)

    EDIT: Okay, I just recalled that I did change another thing. I basically have 1 hard disk of 500GB. Before I formatted the PC I had it seperated into 3 (C, D, E). Now I deleted the virtual ones and I only have C. I don't think it could cause anying though... its still the same 1 hard disk.
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