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Hello, First I Would Like to introduce myself, my name is Clay Ness, I live in Ontario, (canada) i'm 15 and i love computers, and this will be my first graphics card im buying and installing and i need help, now i know the basics you put the graphics card into the pci express slot (or whatever you have) and you take off the metal cover thing at the back, But Thats my problem ussally you unscrew it but mine has this black plastic thing and i dunno what to do with it (break it off, bend the metal,) now i dunno if you can put pictures on this site but if someone tells me how i will post pictues i already have them becuase i asked my friend in ottawa if he knew how and he didn't so you are my last resort
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  1. look in the instructions for your motherboard. You push down on the curved part and it will snap the little stopper into the case, then use the small handle and pull it backwards. Put the card in and slide it back over. It's a tool less desisgn.
  2. Uhh, you not seeing my problem, i can open my case it's when you install a graphics card you have to take a metal cover plate off at the back, ussally they have A screw and then it comes off, but mine has this weird black plastic thing and i dunno if i snap it off if or something else if i pull it off i dunno, i can get the case open thought, tell me how to post pictures and i'll show you what i mean.\\\\\\\" class=\\\\\\\"img lazy\\\\\\\">\\\" class=\\\"img lazy\\\">\" class=\"img lazy\">" class="img lazy">
  3. your images did not link but I believe you are talking about a retention door. It should have a tab to release it. Frankly I hate those things and rip them off. Here is link to a Dell one and how to remove it. Hopefully yours is similar.
  4. Hello, Once Again i just got my graphics card it wasnt the one i wanted, but it's one step below what i wanted so it shouldn't be that bad i wanted the ati radeon hd 4550 i got the 4350 512mb edtion and the only diffrence is it's ddr2 and not gddr3 (eh kinda sucks but what can ya do) haha i got the black thing off all you had to do was lift it up and it came off haha im stupid and im just installin drivers right now (: im rly happy
  5. good luck then...
    It's nice to learn a new thing... :)
  6. Yes (: o've being enjoying team fortress 2, Portal THE CAKE IS A LIE and rainbow six vegas 2
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