What is wrong with Agility 4 128GB + 256Gb storage solution?

I am led to believe I have been duped into purchasing the two Agility 4 drives ( one: 128GB & two: 256GB). I have the operating system on 128GB and use 256GB for programs and games. Is there something wrong with this setup or these drives I should be aware of? I also have a spare 500GB 7200rpm drive I use for some music/movies at the moment. This is a desktop setup with a motherboard limited to SATA II (Yes I know I should be using SATA III). I store sql databases on the 256GB drive as well as multiple programs including photoshop and several VMs.
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  1. I believe the 256GB version is a bit faster, but i can't see any reason why it would be wrong/bad. looks good to me, i wish i had that setup!
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