Psu wire question

does my power supply have all the plugs i need??

its fully modular (i think, tpq-850) and this is what it says it comes with
1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 4 Pin ATX 12V --- not sure what that covers
1 x 8 Pin EPS 12V --- not sure what that covers
9 x Peripheral --- not sure what that covers
8 x SATA
2 x Floppy --- wont have any floppy drives
4 x PCI-E ---

the case has 6 fans (space for 2 others)
gpu is 5870 or 480 (only 1)
heatsink has 2 fans
2 hd's
1 cd/dvd

if you need more info just ask i want to make sure i can plug it all in with no extra wires.
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  1. It'd be better if you just told us what PSU you have and the other parts...

    From what I can tell, you have enough connectors. The 4 pin is for the CPU, the Peripheral (molex or 4 pin I'm assuming) is for the case fans (usually more than one can be plugged into a single connector), HDDs and opticals, and you've certainly got enough PCIe connectors. I would just start with all the cables plugged in, install everything and make sure the build turns on, then remove any cables that don't have anything plugged in.
  2. the tpq and

    SILVERSTONE DECATHLON DA850 which i also think is fully modular comes with
    1 x 20+4Pin motherboard connector (550mm)
    1 x 8Pin EPS12V connector (550mm)
    1 x 4Pin ATX12V connector (550mm)
    2 x 8Pin PCI-E connector (550mm)
    2 x dual 6Pin PCI-E connector (550mm)
    2 x triple SATA power connectors (500mm + 250mm + 250mm)
    2 x triple 4Pin IDE & single floppy power connectors (500mm + 250mm + 250mm + 150mm)
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