470gtx, silent mod : dual sunon 9cm & hr03 Info & Share

as we know standard 470gtx auto fan profile keeps gpu at 90-91 c, so here re our findings :

Paste Artic Cooling MX-3 : idle 43-46c, full load (furmark 200sec) 83c same as 90-100% fan, we disconnect the delta 4 pin standard

hr03, gaming test paste by gelid

load on hr03

it seems the 470 standard fan juice contribute adding heat to 470, thanks for viewing & all the best :)
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  1. Your pictures seem to be saying more than anything else,
    would you care to admonish them with more information, or should I guess?
    You did some testing just running fans on the stock 470 heat pipe cooler ?
    Thats a mod that goes back to the gt8800's

    Then you put on the aftermarket Thermaltake cooler + those were your
    NON o/c results ?

    Then you showed a picture of the 470 o/c to 730 ? And your results were ?
  2. 1. yes stock hsf + 2 9cm fan, provide better at idle & same performance as stock without fan noise

    thermalright : on oc result, provide better as it uses 6 pipe & better design vs stock 5 pipe
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