To all corsair 650 hx / antec 902 users

to all you who have the same psu as i do. I have an antec 902 case and when i turn on the computer, i do not know what is causing that irrating sound. at idle i believe it is my psu fan that is making all this noise and i dont know why. is the 650 hx suppose to be this loud at idle? is all this noise coming from my case? i currently do not have a powerhorse gpu, just a crappy one.
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  1. The HX650 is a quality and quiet PSU. If yours is causing an irritating sound, just contact Corsair and RMA it.
  2. i have the TX650 and at idle it's quiet as hell, and the HX650 is supposed to be more so (actually under load it's pretty quiet too)

    +1 Henry for RMA'ing
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