CPU temps

hey guys
wondering if my cpu temp is too high
right now its idling at 46 degrees
i just bought a new case that may be problem, less airflow

im running a i7 950
dual 460s SLI
6 gigs a ram
v core set to 1.25 volts

i have a monster zalman cnps 10x extreme

are these temps ok?
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  1. btw
    i bought a new case, and the evga x58 sli classified edition
    more room in case,
    but i think after i got these video cards up and running in sli correctly, the temp seems to have shot up
    it use to idle at 33 degrees
    just noticed a jump 20 min ago
  2. They look high for a non-OC'd Core i7.
    With a 3.8Ghz OC'd i7 920.
  3. Quote:
    the temp seems to have shot up
    it use to idle at 33 degrees

    About 13C too high, I'd say.
  4. yes! not its idling at 53 degrees out of nowhere!!
  5. its got to be a heatfan issue!
    i know the first time we rebooted it, we got cpu temps of 80 degrees
    we resituated the fan then we got back to 30 degrees

    i thought that fixed it for good

    guess not

    whys it rising now
  6. It does sound like a bad HSF installation.
    Take one of the GTX 460s out of the case. And what case are you using?
  7. Actually, take the GTX 460 closest to the CPU out.
    See what effect that has on temps.
  8. i dont think its the 460, both fans blowing away from the cpu
    and since theyve been in there when we had the 33 temps
    i dont think those are the issue

    my case is the corsair 800D series
  9. How are you measuring the temps? Through the BIOS readings?
  10. thats what it looks like right there just took the pic

    im measuring on the motherboard thermostat and e-leet, both temps match up perfectly, i also went into bios earlier and that temp matched up with the earlier readings as well
  11. and you should be able to see the temp in that pic as well
  12. I think you can rule out the Corsair 800D case being an issue as well.
    Reviews say the airflow and cooling is actually quite good, even for overclocked system.

    What temps do you get when you put CPU voltage control on Auto.
  13. everything is on auto atm in bios
    only thing i changed in bios was the ram to XMP
  14. and it seems like the board auto clocked the cpu from 3.06 to 3.2
  15. Using XM profiles shouldn't be any issue for system temps.
    After the system shuts down and cools... does the HSF assembly feel tight on the mounting bracket? Doesnt move around on you with a bit of pressure?
  16. it did before, let me shut it down real quick after these sound drivers finish here in a couple min, im pretty sure its on good.
    my buddy who is a master at comps applied the thermal paste as a dot but didnt move it around.
    he said he wasnt a noob lol.(idk if thats an issue)
  17. also this cooling system


    its water, but i have an air system, do i need water for that

    sounds like i dont
    how does it work?
  18. It's more of a check to see if it has come loose since the installation.
    That can happen when things are moved around (like installing in a new case).
  19. Here is another, more popular option, on the same theme. Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Water Cooling Kit Review

    It's a closed system, all-in-one, water cooler. It would be a replacement for your air cooler.
  20. lol!

    it had the highest idle temp
  21. No body buys coolers for the idle temp performance.
  22. hmm ok
    shutting down now and checking
  23. This is probably why they happen to be popular at the moment.

    Your zalman cnps 10x is good enough that moving to a H50 would be more of a move sideways than an upgrade.
  24. oky doke i tested it out, it jiggled just a little it moved front and back just a tidge, but side to side not at all
    i also think i turned up the fan

    now im idling at 42-44
  25. its jumping from 42-49 alot dk if that means anything
  26. now at 53 agin
    it seems when i close the case it goes up

    i have it on my carpet, i know the air comes in underneath
    but i can feel the air coming in when i put my hand under it
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