OCZ vs Coolermaster

I was wondering if someone could help desiced which one of these 2 PSU's are better?
1. The OCZ ModXSteam Pro 600w (click here)
2. Coolermaster Real Power M620 (click here)
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  1. From these two PSUs, I would go for the OCZ's unit without any doubt.
    The unit from Cooler Master presents a poor voltage regulation and the ripple/noise levels are too high at full loads. Moreover, it seems that the protections aren't working properly.

    You can find some useful information and reviews about these and other PSUs in the RealHardTechX's PSU Review Database: http://personales.ya.com/realhardtechx/index_archivos/Page541.htm
  2. I couldn't find any reviews of the CM Real Power M620 from the 'usual' trusted websites. That's a caution sign right there.

    OCZ ModXStream Pro 600 W Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets
  3. And this one ?
    Scythe Kamariki 4 Plug-in KMRK4-P-550A ( click here)
    Is this one better then the OCZ ModXStream ?
  4. Both are made by the same amnufacturer: Sirtec. Unfortunately, there isn't any qualified review for the KMRK4-P-550A yet. Therefore, since the model from OCZ can deliver 50w more than the Scythe's unit, I would go for the OCZ at the same price.
  5. I own an OCZ ModXSteam Pro 600w and for the price and quiet performance i strongly recommend it if your budget doesn't allow for a Tier 1 psu.
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