GA-H55M-UD2H LGA 1156, stuck in a reboot loop

The motherboard died due to a power surge, so I decided to go with a new build. I’ve purchased the following:
- GA-H55M-UD2H LGA 1156 H55 (gigabyte MoBo)
- Core i3 550 3.2GHz Socket 1156
- 2 x 2GB microcenter RAM
I’ve plugged my existing harddrive and DVD roms and upgraded from a 350W PSU to a 550W PSU.
When powering the desktop, I can see windows loading, but after 3-5 seconds the system reboots. I’ve tried to load a fresh Windows XP PRO OS, it checks for my hardware configuration, but I get a blue screen when windows attempts to load.

Any ideas?
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  1. First things first
    For a new system - always
    (1) boot in to the bios.
    (a) Does memory show up correct.
    (b) Go to the health page. Look at voltages and temps, leave running for 15->30 Min, is temps still Ok.

    (2) Boot to a bootable memtest86 CD. Run for a min of two hours.

    Everthing OK, then
    - Try loading the operating system. NOTE for XP you will probably need the "F6" drivers so download from MB's web site and put on thumbdrive.
    - Select costum install
    - On page that ask where to install - First delete ALL partitions
    - Select where to install and when prompted for F6 drivers, broose to where you have put them. If the system will not recognize the Thumbdrive as XP may not have loaded a driver you may be able to put on a cd, or if have a floopy disk.

    For memtest86
    Must use "create ISO" function, can not just copy as if it is a data file.
  2. Thanks Chief, I'll try that when I get home. Just got back from the Microcenter store and funny how many people had this issue with the same set up. Someone at the store commented he had issues with the Microcenter brand RAM, so I purchased 4GB of Crucial RAM just in case. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Wonder who manuf the "microcent" Ram. Maybe cpu-z might reveal the true manuf.
    Probably the LOWEST bidder, which may also be the Lowest quality - LOL
  4. hey Chief,
    I've tried to boot the system with the new RAM modules, tried every combination on the RAM slots, no luck. When to the bios and checked the voltages, RAM values show OK, loaded the Optimal defaults, but still in the reboot loop.
    I'm beginning to suspect is the MOBO or the bios settings. I've tested my CPU on my friend's desktop and it runs without any issues. He has an ASUS mobo.

    any thoughts?
  5. To check the Ram, did you try only one module starting with the prefered slot.
    If not try that testing it with bootable Memtest86 CD.
    Even if that one does or does not work, repeat with 2nd stick.
    If at least one stick works, then rotate that stick to the other slots.
    Need to verify each setup with memtest86.

    No workee, then yes I would suspect the MB - or that you are very unluck and received two bad sticks.

    Make sure you ground yourself before toucking the memory modules - Personnaly I were a wrist stap - ESD is much much worst with RH 30% annd lower.
  6. Good enough Chief, I have the memtest CD, but didn't try because I tested with the new RAM sticks. I have 2 crucial sticks of 2GB each and 2 additional microcenter sticks of 2GB each. I'll do the memtest just in case.
  7. I have that mobo and you might need the F9 bios version for your i3 550.
    The same bios version is required for version 1.0 or 1.3 and an i3 550.
    I had no problems with my board and i3 530 cuz i bought them shortly after they were released.
    Bios F4.
  8. Chief - did the memtest, everything looks good.
    Davcon - if I'm not mistaken my mobo has F11 bios, I'll flash F9 and see how that goes.

    thanks guys.
  9. jcnapoleon said:
    Chief - did the memtest, everything looks good.
    Davcon - if I'm not mistaken my mobo has F11 bios, I'll flash F9 and see how that goes.

    thanks guys.

    I wouldn't bother if you have F11.
    I'd do the chipset updates though.
    Personally i think your hdd is damaged from the power incident that fried your old mobo.
    I'll bet if you buy or try another hdd you'd have no problems.
  10. So, I went back to Microcenter and tested the mobo, CPU and RAM... and windows loaded without issues, no reboot loop.... WTH!
    Davcon - I've tried 3 different HDD at home. For kicks, I'm getting a new HDD.
    Chief - any other ideas?
  11. ok, here's the skinny.....
    I put back all my hardware together once again, double checking my connectors. I've connected my 2 existing SATA drives, one of which has WinXP pro loaded.
    - tried a normal boot, saw the splash windows XP screen and teh system rebooted itself.
    - booted from my WINXP cd, this time did not get the blue screen after hardware check. I got the option to repair or load windows.
    - I tried to load a fresh copy of WIN XP, but the system said, it did not find any drives, although I had 2 SATA drives connected.
    - check the bios for peripherals and changed the SATA settings to IDE legacy.
    - booted from CD again, now my system sees both of my SATA drives.

    Since I changed my hardware, I can't boot from my drive that has windows installed. I really don't want to loose the apps I've installed and at this point a clean install is my option. Any ideas how to make this work? cloning? or ghosting?
  12. I think the problem with your winXP is that it does not have the driver to see your HDD. You need to load the "F6" driver during installation to be able to see the HDD. Go to the MB website and go to your secific MB then select the correct driver, Ie SATA Rade or AHCI.

    Unforutunatly a Clean install, USING the custom install method is probably what you need to do - I Know the problem about re-installing all the programs.
    I have a big problem with my wifes system. She has several programs that are (1) a real pain to instal and/or for some she has lost the installation disk. On program she start at version 1 and has upgraded using upgrade version (I think she is up to ver 6. And you have to start at version 1 and go through each upgrade. The real problem version 1 requires a parallel port dongle, then later switch to requiring a serial port drive connected.

    What I had to do is buy a program to transfer frograms, First did this when going from old computer XP to New computer Vista then again to newest computer, Win7.
  13. Thanks Chief. I'll get the drives for my SATA drives. I wish there was another way other than a clean install...GRRR!! I hope the drives work ok as slaves, because I need to access or copy 1000s of files. I'll keep you posted. Let me know if you find a trick to boot my current XP drive, I'll leave that in tact just in case.
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