Copying a old HDD to new without copying drivers from old MOBO

Hi all and thanks ahead of time as usual for the help I always get here,
My wifes HP Pavilion p6310f recently had a mobo die and today I received a new one of MSI brand, hooked it up and plugged all back in along with a new HDD. Now I had to install windows again and luckily I did the phone activation and was able to use the same windows code that came with it. But I had tried to use the old HDD and do a repair so she could use all her old programs and such. Well since that didnt work out and I have the new HDD in their along with the old one hooked up and while it does read the drives I would like to copy everything over to the new HDD minus the drivers for the old mobo that I assume will cause a conflict. Is this easily done? Or is there maybe a specific folder for example I can just skip and do a copy and everything be fine? Thanks alot for the help.

Win7 HP64
MSI 760GM P23 FX
AMD Phenom 2 X4
1.5TB WD (new drive)
1TB WD (old drive)
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    Hooking the old HDD into the new system to acces your old data is an effective way to regain that data.

    Unfortunately thats all you can easily access.

    The programs and software will have to be all fresh installed into the new system from the original discs. They can't be copied across and be expected to work as all of the Windows registry values will be missing.

    The only thing safe to copy across are the data files (documents, photos, music clips, movies etc). And those you will have to search for where you saved them.
  2. Bah so much for easy but ok thanks alot for your help :)
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