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Ati drivers stopped working on windows 7 ultimate 64 bits

Hi guys, yesterday, i was watching a video on youtube, when my screen when black for a secont and i notice that my windows bar was not transparent and when i opened screen setting i saw that i couldnt change it cus window color was on Windos 7 basic mose, then i opened a game and it saw BAD i close it and after some themes changes, the tranparence in my bar came back and all worked nice again, no changes in voltages, no changes in temps, or currents on the GPU i have always everest open, but i found this on the event log....

2010-04-26 21:27:44 amdkmdag 62464: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ati2erec.dll

i have like 60 entries just like taht

i have the 10.4 drivers ( the last ones) i installed those the 4/26 so is the same day the issue apeared

anyone else with this problems ?

perhaps a driver isue
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    Roll your drivers back to the ones that last worked. I've been having a lot of issues in Win&x64 Ultimate (2 HD 4870s in crossfire) with the new ATI driver's too.
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