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im going to order in the next week or so, what do ya think

case --- antec 1200
mobo --- giga ud3r x58 1366
cpu --- i7 930
ram --- 6gb (3x2gb) gskill 1600
gpu --- gtx 480
psu --- silverstar da 850
hsf --- noctua d14
hdd --- 1x 1tb spinpoint f3 7200rpm (1x later on)
optical drive --- lite on 24x cd/dvd sata w/light scribe
screen --- 24" 1920x1080
operating system --- windows 7

tripp lite isobar ibar4 surge supressor/uninteruptible power
tuniq tx3 thermal compound
rosewill anti static wrist strap

all of that stuff has a grand total of $2085.36 and then a 30 dollar shipping charge.
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  1. Looks very good 2 me. Make sure that PSU has long cables.
  2. Pretty solid- looks similar to my build. Depending on how intense you plan on gaming, you may want to get a 5970, unless you plan on 2x 480 in the future. 480 should be able to handle everything currently on that 1920x1080, but will lose out more quickly than a 5970. At a price/performance ratio, both the 480 and 5970 are roughly equivalent (5970 takes the lead when overclocked).

    If you don't plan on playing games at max quality (if you are more focused into game play) then stick with 480. I usually go the gameplay over quality builds to save money, but with my recent build I splurged a bit. Worth it this time around :)
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