8800GT Artifacts

I have an HP running with the 8800GT video card - recently I've been experiencing an issue with my CPU freezing up and showing a screen full of small horizontal red lines over the background. I'm not sure if this is a sign the video card is corrupt, or a bigger issue. I can't seem to find a solution. I've tried reloading the drivers, cleaning, etc. It will work for a little while but then it just freezes up again. Even in safe mode I will see red lines, but I can still navigate around the computer.

Any advice would be appreciated.

HP Pavillion, 8800GT, 4GB RAM, WIN7/64, 480W PCU
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  1. artifacts are often the first sign of a card about to die, can you switch in a different card?
  2. I'll have to go buy another. Is there a way to check the problem is really the result of a faulty card, before I go spend the cash on a new one?

  3. Take out the video card and get a cheap one like $10-20 and see if it actually works
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