2x4870 or 1 5850

4870's perform better but lack dx11. gonna be a while before I upgrade again. still rocking a dx9 card. I game and surf with this rig. e6700@ 3.3ghz. 2x2gig 1333 g.skill asus p5k3 deluxe 1x 300gig raptor

I've already decided on the cards in question



On another note do you guys think 4 gigs is enough? 2 open slots left, would i benefit from another 2?
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    Do you know how to overclock? If so, grab the Asus DirectCu edition of the HD5850, and OC it. You can reach performance of the HD4870x2, or very close.

    If you want better performance, grab the 4870x2. But you can always CF the 5850 later down the road too.
  2. don't know how to overclock yet, but just from reading the reviews in newegg about overclocking it sounds pretty easy. that and I'm sure there's forums here in toms hardware that will help me. if not I'll just make one. Thanks for the heads up, i had the 2 4870's in my cart in newegg. Decided to get some more opinions and this card looks super solid. over time it will get cheaper i'm sure and i can buy a second one.
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