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:bounce: Hello guys, I just recently joined in here hoping to get some help from you guys in here. Basically I have a situation in hand and I would appreciate if someone could help me out, I will be in debt to you ^^

So the problem is, In my computer I have 2 Hard Drives - One 160 GB SSD and One 1 TB HDD. In total there are :

2 Storage Drives - SSD & HDD Combined (160 GB + 1TB HDD)

Number of Partitions for SSD - 4 Partitions (Local Disk : C,D,E and F)
Number of Partitions for HDD - 2 Partitions (Local Disk : G & H)

In the SSD, my Windows XP 32 bit version is installed and I had been using it for quite some years now. But now it's getting full and old, So I was wondering since I already have a 1 TB HDD in there. Can I use that for a Fresh new Installation of Windows 7 but the thing that I am worried is that I have some files stored in the Local Disk : H (1TB HDD) but the Other Local Disk : G is completely empty. So what I am worried is if I install Windows 7 in Local Disk : G, will I lose the files in Local Disk : H since they are as a whole one hard drive, only the partitions are different. So I am worried about that, can you please explain as to what can be done or what is possible and if possible, I would like to do a Dual Boot setup if possible.

Thanks in advance Guys,
Ralph. :)
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  1. Hey Ralph,

    You want to keep using your SSD for the operating system and just start moving some files over to the HDD to clear up space.

    Is it files you are worried about or do you really need dual boot? Keeping the files from your XP system and accessing them from windows 7 should be no problem at all.

    You should copy everything you need to the 1tb hard drive, and then install windows 7 on the 160gb SSD. Keep the 1 tb unplugged while you do it so there is no risk of losing the data. Once Win 7 is set up, realign the personal folders to the files you have saved on the storage drive.
  2. You're setup sounds really confusing and odd, please correct me if I misunderstand what you want, but here's my suggestion.

    Back up all your files to your 1TB hard drive.

    Now for the SSD, create one partition for Windows 7, you don't need XP anymore; there's virtual machines for old software you want to use.

    Now move all your files on the 1TB drive to one partition and delete the rest of the partitions and expand the drive to it's max capacity in disk management.

    Now you have this:

    160 GB SSD : Windows 7
    1 TB HDD : Storage

    I don't know your habits, what you do, or what you feel most comfortable with, but using the SSD for the OS only is a good choice. Just accessing data off the 1TB drive only is a really good option to keep things simple and organized.

    You might want to consider another hard drive for as a mirror for redundancy when hard drives get cheaper again.
  3. Hey guys thanks for the immediate response and I am sorry if the question was confusing, I will try to ask again in a more simple manner.

    Let's say I have one Operating System Windows XP installed on my SSD. (My SSD is split up into 4 Partitions.) C, D, E & F like I mentioned before and basically it's getting full since only 20GB of space is left out of the 160 GB. 20 GB not as a whole but by adding all the free space from the four drive, Hope you guys don't get confused.

    Now on the other hand I have a 1 TB HDD which I had made (2 partitions - G & H). One partition I use is for storing files (G) and the other one is literally empty (H).

    So my question was, Can I install an operating system like Windows 7 on the empty partition of my HDD (on Partition H). I know Things tend to run slow on an HDD, but it's not a problem to me as long as I can keep both my Windows XP in my SSD and Install Windows 7 in the HDD. Can I do that..?? And Second Question is, If I can install Windows 7 in the HDD, will I be able to access the files from my SSD, like can I access the other drives i.e (Partition C, D, E & F) while using Windows 7.
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    Yes, and Yes.

    You will be able to see any partition from both XP\Win7.

    You can boot off a SSD and HDD partitions.

    Use a Separate Hard Disk Drive than the XP Drive

    A) Boot from your Windows 7 installation disc.
    NOTE: Make sure that the CD/DVD drive is selected first in the boot order in the BIOS.

    Click on the Install now button. (See screenshot below)

    When you get to this point, select the partition (step 2) or hard drive to install Windows 7 on. (See screenshot below)

    7. When finished, restart the computer to have the option to boot from XP (Earlier Verision of Windows) or Windows 7. (See screenshot below)

    Note Note
    If you are only booting into Windows 7 and do not have XP listed in the Windows Boot Manager, then you can install only EasyBCD to add XP (or Windows 7) while started in Windows 7 the same way to the boot list.

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  6. Thanks for the Help "edogawa" and "deadlockedworld" and lolz sorry to be such an irritating guy asking numerous questions but Here is one more Question. Can I run let's say FIFA 12 which is installed on my SSD while booting in as Windows 7 from my HDD.
  7. RalphJoy22 said:
    Thanks for the Help "edogawa" and "deadlockedworld" and lolz sorry to be such an irritating guy asking numerous questions but Here is one more Question. Can I run let's say FIFA 12 which is installed on my SSD while booting in as Windows 7 from my HDD.

    No problem man. :D

    Be sure to check my last post, I updated it with some information.

    Good Luck!
  8. I appreciate the help bro ^^

    and Thank you for all the added info =]

    Kudos to you :D
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