I need help with ati 4650

i want to buy a ati 4650 and i dont know if my psu will handle it.

my spec:
pentium 4 3.0
1go ram
atti x550(i want to upgrade to 4650 to play cod6)
psu of 340 watt
hp compaq dc7100
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  1. Your PSU is just fine. The 4650 uses a very low amount of power.
  2. Yeah it should be fine :)
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    Since HD4650 doesn't required a 6pin power connector then you will be fine with that card, your PSU will be able to handle it... :)
  4. i can handle it:)so i can buy it?Without problems?
  5. so my power supply can handle it with 340 watt?
  6. Yes, you will be fine...
  7. thank you i will buy it soon:)
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