Upgrade Motherboard & CPU for GTX 580?

Hey guys, new around here.

So I bought a GTX 580 and I am loving it, games are coming out nice thought I know some have a little lag on max settings.

CPU: Q6600 2.4GHZ
Memory: 4GB DDR2
Video Card: GTX 580
Power: Corsiar TX850W
and a standard Asus Motherboard

I know I am pulling back the video's card full capacity so I know I gotta get a new CPU, Motherboard.

I really need help with this so I thought the i7 920 is a good choice since I can overclock it but what would be a good motherboard? And you have any suggestions on a better CPU, go right ahead
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  1. For gaming a P67 chipset lga1155 motherboard paired with I5 2500K! http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/sandy-bridge-core-i7-2600k-core-i5-2500k,2833-22.html
  2. would an MSI P67A-GD65 motherboard would be good for it?
  3. Yes it is a good board.
  4. The difference between the i5-2500K and i7-2600K is the Hyper Threading; HT + Gaming = little; rendering or encoding the i7-2600K is the better choice http://www.guru3d.com/article/core-i5-2500k-and-core-i7-2600k-review/20

    I prefer ASUS, so either the P8P67 PRO or P8P67 DELUXE. The MSI P67A-GD65 is good as well.

    As far as i7 9xx vs i5/i7-2X00K, it depends on the resolutions. I'm not a big fan of pairing-up GTX 580 in SLI to a Sandy Bridge. A single GTX 580 is fine on a P67.

    Building Chart:
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