Looking to purchase new graphics card.

Building a new system. So far I have an ASUS m4a79t deluxe mobo, AMD phenom II X4 965 BE, OCZ Z-series 650W 80+ silver certified PSU, windows 7 premium OS. Looking for a card that will work well with this setup so far (still need RAM as well so any suggestions for that would also be appreciated). Budget is 4-500 CAD for the video card. System is just meant for gaming. Would prefer to purchase from newegg.ca but I still am open to any other trusted websites.
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  1. Ati radeon 5870 is your best bet.
  2. I've seen a few 2gb 5850's on newegg, is the performance of the 1gb 5870 still able to beat these 2gb versions?
  3. cksmith said:
    I've seen a few 2gb 5850's on newegg, is the performance of the 1gb 5870 still able to beat these 2gb versions?

    1GB Vram is enough for those gfx cards and 2GB won't give a major boost. So i would say that 1GB 5870 will still beat a 2Gb 5850 :)

    For your budget a 5870 is the best card:
  4. maybe can consider get a nvidia GTX470 also
  5. GTX470 is just too power hungry...

    Agree with shubham, 1GB HD5870 is better than 2GB HD5850 if you are running on 1 monitor...
    If you want to run 3 monitors (eyefinity) then grab 2GB HD5850. :)

    But wait, what is your monitor? resolution?
  6. Was thinking about attaching it to my 40" samsung tv, also have an old flatscreen monitor but have no idea what kind of resolution it gets (looks to be around 20-22").
  7. You don't need 2gb. I would also recommend saving some money and just getting an HD5850. The card allows you to bump up the core voltage so it can overclock a huge amount(40%+.) That should give you performance well past that of a stock HD5870 for significantly less money. This card is an excellent choice for overclocking;
    BTW if your monitor's native resolution is under 1920x1080 then a much cheaper card like the HD5770 would be excellent.
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